Apr 3, 2017

La Napoule

France Feb 28 - March 20, 2017


Faith Ringgold, Linda Freeman and Grace Matthews travel to France to work on The Ancestor's Project part 2.

I'm still adding photos to this section of the blog - grace

Day 1: Monday, Feb 27 the beginning. Faith Ringgold, Linda Weinberg Freeman and I at JFK and on our way to La Napoule in the South of France on the Mediterranean to make art for 3 weeks. Working on Ancestors project # 2.

Day 1: Tues, Feb 28 We made it to La Napoule on Tuesday morning and we're so excited to be here. A quick tour of this beautiful chateau was a priority and the tour ended at our studio. The studio feels like a seaside chapel and the sound of the Mediterranean fills the room. It's most fitting that the studio is where we took our day 1 photo. Now it's time for a big nap.

Day 2 : Wed, March 1  In La Napoule! We set up our studio in the chapel but needed to move to a different studio with electric that does not overload. The new space does not have that impressive view of the Mediterranean but it's warm, functional and has good light and we are settled in. Today we worked on the Ancestors story part 2. I think the text is finished but we all want to go over it one more time tomorrow.
It was sunny and in the 50's today. We took a walk out for lunch and walked around the town. There are so many walks to be taken here.

Day 3: March 2 Faith Ringgold and Linda Weinberg Freeman started painting today and I put the text onto my piece. We walked to lunch but spent most of the day in the studio today. It was a sunny and warm day so I walked around to get a look at this beautiful place, took pix and did a couple water color sketches.

Day 4: March 3 This warm morning we went grocery shopping at Geant Casino Supermarché. It was fun for me to see what was different and what was the same. The store is huge and similar to high quality Walmart. They have everything: sneakers, electronics, nails organic produce, wine and more.
We were back at work in the studio this afternoon. Faith got right into painting on day 2 with no preliminary sketches. That is not the way she usually works but she is on a roll and her Ancestors are coming out singing and dancing.

I'm happy because I worked out my composition in a preliminary sketch today.
Next I will transfer the drawing to the canvas then I'll be ready to start painting too. I feel like myself again I have recovered from jet lag. Linda and I took a late afternoon walk around the castle in the chilly afternoon.

Day 5: Saturday, March 4, 2017 Chateau La Napoule. It was a rainy, cool and windy day. The schedule today was different because no meals are prepared on the weekends so we ventured out to eat. Faith Ringgold, Linda Weinberg Freeman and I unanimously agree that the food that we have eaten here is so beautiful and so very, very delicious. We love it! Ditto for the wine and coffee.
We spent the day working in the studio listening to Tracy Chapman as we painted. Linda has not worked in a shared space like this and she says likes it!
Faith is working quickly and not in her usual way and she is well into her painting Linda is working in a new way too and I think Linda said that she is working like she used to a long time ago.
I transferred my composition to the canvas, mixed up some paint and started painting today. I'm off to a good start.
It got pretty chilly in the studio today because the Chateau's heat broke down but thank goodness the guys got it repaired at the end of the day. Now our rooms are cozy and comfortable and ready for us to settle down for the night.

Day 6: Sunday, March 5
Faith has been in the studio painting non-stop since this morning and she probably won't stop until we meet up for dinner.
Faith Ringgold's granddaughter, Faith Wallace-Gadsden arrived today for a short visit.

Day 7: Monday, March 6
The wind was spooky with its howling, rattling doors and blowing open windows tonight.
We continued to paint today and so we are running low on some colors (tit white especially). A trip to the art supply store is planned for tomorrow after the doll workshop.

Day 8: March 7, 2017 La Napoule. Windy in the morning then sunny and in the 50's. This morning I did a doll workshop with 28 - 3rd graders. Pictures will come later.
Faith Ringgold, Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Linda Weinberg Freeman and I went to to pick up art supplies. The store we went to was not an art store but a big store with electronics and lots of other things. It had an art section so the choices were minimal. We walked to a nearby bakery called Paul. The food was beautiful and so delicious. I had an apricot pastry that was sweet and tart. Faith (grand daughter) bought a slice of a rhubarb tart that was wonderful!

Day 9: March 8
Linda Weinberg Freeman and I took a short train ride to Canne. We walked to the sea, sat in the sun and watched the people. We found a sweet place for lunch and a fun street for shopping where they sell flower shoes.

Day 10: March 9 La Napoule, France with Faith Ringgold and Linda Weinberg Freeman video.


Day 11: March 10 It's the warmest day yet. I got up with the sun to catch the castle bathed in the sunrises orange glow. We all worked in the studio today with Faith Ringgold putting in the most Time. Linda Weinberg Freeman and I went outside to take in the beautiful day.

Day 11: Fri., March 10 La Napoule. Video

Day 12: March 11  Linda Weinberg Freeman and took the train to Antibes. We had the perfect day. We saw that the old part of Antibes is designed like a wagon wheel. We navigated our way through narrow cobblestone streets and checked out a variety of little shops and eateries. We met Nicola, an artist that gave us a great tour of the Picasso Museum.

Day 13: Sunday, March 12, 2016. Faith Ringgold, Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Linda Weinberg Freeman, Dennis (artist resident), and I walked to the bakery for breakfast. Almond croissant, almond and chocolate croissant, raisin bun, flat bread with roasted vegetables and herbs, expressos and cappuccino were piled on our sunny sidewalk table. The delight of the pastry brings on giggles. With a gift croissant for hubby packed carefully away B Faith walked to the nearby train station to start her trip home to Stuttgart. She and the pastry made it home safely.
It was a painting (and laundry) day for us.
I saw this beautiful light in the dining room and asked Linda to model.

Day 14: March 13, 2016
Linda Weinberg Freeman has finished her painting. Faith Ringgold has (nearly) finished the central image and has made some Trump studies. I'm still working on mine.

Day 15: Tues, March 14. Linda Weinberg Freeman took a day trip to Cannes. Faith Ringgold and I stayed in to paint. Today I'm posting Some of Henry Clews carvings and sculptures that are part of this beautiful place.

Day 16:March 15 Linda Weinberg Freeman took the train to San Rafeal. It was a scenic ride along the French Riviera. Linda couldn't wait to start painting again when she returned. Faith Ringgold and I stayed in the studio and painted today. I did a few sketches on paper too. The tangerines are from the little orchard on the property. They taste like a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit.

Day 17: Thurs March 16. I painted until late last night and forgot to post so this post is a little late. Faith Ringgold cleaned up her paints and supplies and is beginning to pack for our trip home on Monday. The light on the sea was beautiful today. Linda Weinberg Freeman took a trip back to Cannes.

Day 18: March 17 last communal breakfast.

Day 18: Friday March 17
Linda Weinberg Freeman gave a collage workshop and the kids visited our studio.

Day 20: wrap up video

Day 21: There was a strike on Air France and it took us 2 days to get home. Everyone in our group handled the strike and delays with grace and patience.

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